Portraits of London

Jack Fox

For this months Portraits of London we had the privilege of heading to the streets of Soho with British Actor, Jack Fox. In true British style we met Jack in the pouring rain near the Apollo Theatre where he recently stared in ‘Dear Lupin’ alongside his two time BAFTA award winning father, James Fox.

We talk to Jack about his new project as he shows us around his favourite part of London…


Twitter – @Jacklouisfox 



Last time we saw you, you were on stage at the Apollo. What have you been up to since then?


Since the play I have been preparing for a role that I will start next year in May, unfortunately I can’t really say any more at this stage. I have also been doing some press for a film that I was in that was fortunate enough to win best Debut at the BAFTA’s and is up for an Oscar which is the reason I am currently writing this from Los Angeles.


What is your favourite pair from the collection and why?

My favourite pair of sunglasses, if I had to choose one pair, which is no easy task as I have been lucky enough to witness the growth of Taylor Morris, as my friend Hugo Taylor, one of the loveliest people you could hope to meet has such a great and diverse taste, would have to be the Chalet Chic Blue Revo Vredefort.  


What does truly British mean to you?

Truly British is feeling awkward about introducing yourself.


Photography by @domstorer