Portraits of London

Madeline Shaw

With International Women’s day being in the month of March we thought who better to feature in Portraits of London than our favourite entrepreneur, health guru and yogi, Madeleine Shaw.

Madeleine is a strong ambassador for healthy lifestyle and is now one of the most recognised faces in the healthy blogging world with an impressive 210K followers on Instagram and a strong presence across all social media.


With the recent launch of her new app the ‘Glow Guides’ we couldn’t wait to catch up with Madeleine in sunny Battersea Park…


Please introduce yourself and could you please tell us a little more about what you do?

Hi I’m Madeleine Shaw nutritional health coach, food blogger and yoga teacher. I inspire people to become to hottest, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves through my website, social media and events.


 What is your favourite pair from the collection? 

The Matte Blue Crystal Rollright, I love them, so fresh and glam!


 You have just launched a new exciting app, Glow Guides, can you tell us a bit more about it?

The Glow Guides is a holistic 8 week transformational program. The program is divided into three key pillars move, munch and meditate. You get 8 weeks worth of exercise vides, yoga classes, shoppings lists and meal plans, over 70 new recipes and weekly meditations. You will be glowing in no time with your pocket personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach, you can download it from here http://m.onelink.me/89f3e170.


 What made you bring us to Battersea Park today? 

I grew up down the road and it is just the most magical park, close to the river and super green. I love how anyone can enjoy it from little kids visiting the zoo, to runners to couples.


What does truly British mean to you?

A sense of history, grace and cheekiness.





Photography by @lifeofyablon www.lifeofyablon.com

Makeup – @stephfoster1