Portraits of London

Sarah Ann Macklin

Hugo: Hi Sarah, thanks for joining us today! So Portraits of London is all about showcasing people’s talents and as some people might not know, aside from your illustrious modelling career, you have just graduated with a degree in molecular biology.
Sarah: Yes so I’m a registered nutritionist now, heavily focused in chemistry.
Hugo: Did you graduate in chemistry Charlie?
Charlie: No I didn’t graduate in chemistry. I didn’t graduate at all! Science just didn’t do it for me.
Sarah: I mean, it’s a complete conversation killer! So I look more at a molecule level of the body and how food breaks down. I work with it in the lab a lot so I deconstruct, for example cancer cells, and see how chemicals can help in certain circumstances. I do a lot more but it's quite hard to explain quickly.
Charlie: Well I recently stopped eating meat. I still eat fish so I’m a pescatarian, but I feel like my digestive system has gotten a lot better. I have more energy, feel less full.
Sarah: That’s because meat takes longer to digest.
Charlie: I eat very quickly as well which doesn’t help.
Sarah: I read recently that you should eat with chopsticks. Makes for smaller portions and takes longer to eat.
Hugo: Diet for women in the fashion industry is probably quite a contentious issue. What advice would you have for models at LFW working on a busy schedule on eating well and within the confines of having to look the way they do?
Sarah: It’s important not just for models but all in the fashion industry. Fashion week is ‘all go’. Especially for girls flying London, New York, Paris, Milan … you don’t get any sleep. Your fitting is at 2 in the morning and your first show is a 5 and with a call time of 4. Last show is a 9 then you’re off to your next casting, next fitting. You don’t really have time to think about food.
Hugo: From this you’ve developed programs to help and assist models in leading a healthy lifestyle. Is a lot of your advice developed from your own experience?
Sarah: Yes hugely. I felt no one in the industry was giving the girls any help & advice, and it comes to how it affects your mood, skin, looks. Which is essential when your role is to portray a happy and healthy image.
Hugo: Have you noticed a difference in how things were from before until now with the boom in healthy eating. There’s so much more information out there. Are models more informed?
Sarah: The reason I became a nutritionist is because everyone is different, there’s no one rule fits all. I can’t say eat this and you’ll be fine & lose weight. It’s all individual, so I work with them individually, especially those who have a busy schedule. It’s very tailored. It’s not about being strict – it is all about balance. I just want girls to become more aware of what they’re eating and enjoy it and not be scared of it. I feel that if it’s coming from me then they trust me a bit more because of my background as I understand the pressures of the industry.
Hugo: What would you do if you didn’t do what you did. Charlie would like to sell coconuts on the beach, what about you?
Sarah: Well selling coconuts on the beach sounds like a dream! But.. if I had to actually earn a living. I’d probably be a dancer? I’d love to be a professional dancer with someone like Kylie Minogue or Drake. I’m not that good at dancing, but I could definitely rock some moves in a club. I could have a dance-off.
Charlie: Come to our next party!
Hugo: You moved to London when you were 18, and I believe you moved from Hampshire. How does it compare country life to city life, and which you like to take on with you?
Sarah: I want to do both, I don’t think there’s one rule. I loved growing up by the sea, and my parents still live there. So when I moved to London aged 18 I moved straight to Brixton 10 years ago and got stuck in. It was a shock but I loved it. And now I can’t imagine not living in London, but I do like going to the country on the weekend.
Hugo: We were shooting with a 60’s style inspiration today, very Jackie Kennedy. Who are your female style icons? And who’s inspired you in your career?
Sarah: I know what everyone’s going to say but it has to be Kate. Especially for my generation I mean, Crawford; amazing, Twiggy; amazing, but when I was growing up it was always Kate who I remember seeing all the time when I’d just started modeling.
Hugo: Charlie?
Charlie: Models?
Hugo: Role models!
Charlie: Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, the Rolling Stones. We both love The Rolling Stones. I don’t know how much of role models they are though…
Sarah: Well Kate’s probably not a role model, but she’s an icon. Especially for me. Hugo?
Hugo: Work-wise, Ralph Lauren, personality-wise, Keith Richards. That’s what we like to say about Taylor Morris, what would happen if Ralph Lauren & Keith Richards started a brand? So rock’n’roll flair with that Ralph Lauren aesthetic and sensibility.
Photography: Vitae Photography
Clothing: Harvey Nichols
Hair: Clo & Flo
Make-up: Scarlett Rainer