Portraits of London

Sir Plus

With LC:M being the first fashion event to spring upon us in the new year, we thought who better to feature in this month’s Portraits of London than up and coming menswear designer, Henry Hales, from Sir Plus. Henry started out designing just boxer shorts and has now developed to make top quality waistcoats, jumpers, T-shirts, cravats, Nehru jerkins and scarves - you can take a look at the full collection online here www.sirplus.co.uk.


What we love about Sir Plus is the classic British feel and noticeable craftsmanship that goes into everything, something we also pride ourselves in at Taylor Morris. We also think it’s pretty cool how everything is uniquely made from ‘cabbage’ which is the term given to describe fabric that’s left over after an order has been made up.


This month we headed East to meet with Henry at his studio in Bethnal Green to hear all about how it begun and to see where it all happens…


Why did you bring us here today?

“I brought you here today because this is where our studio is. It’s where we design, manufacture, source, ship and store all of our products.”


Why Bethnal Green?

“It’s a really cool area Bethnal Green. We moved here originally because there’s something called Bathtub 2 Boardroom which is a collection of entrepreneurs who rent a desk space. And then when we expanded we moved next door because we wanted to be part of the community.”


What’s your favourite style form the collection? 

“The Rollrights, they have been my favourite since they came out. They look retro and are quite cool and I reckon that if Steve McQueen had to pick his favourite pair these would be them.”


You can find Henry and his stall every Saturday on Portobello Road Market from 9am – 6pm.


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Photography by Amelia Allen website: www.ameliaallenphotography.com instagram: @ameliaallenphotography