Portraits of London #2 - The Unhampered Girls

Portraits of London #2 - The Unhampered Girls

Notting Hill
the unhampered girls

Georgia wears the Pink Invidia

For this month’s Portraits of London we headed to the iconic Notting Hill with the talented duo Verity and Georgia from TheUnhampered Girls.
Verity and Georgia specialise in “bespoke handcrafted confections, eye-catching candy and super-stylish snacks that are almost, but not quite too damn pretty to eat” and we can be the first to vouch for this.
The girls first caught our eye when they catered at a Press Day for a Fashion PR agency and after falling in love with their super cool instagram (if you aren’t already following them then it’s a must @unhamperedgirls) we just had to get our hands on some of their sweet treats for our very own SS16 launch party.
So follow us for #2 Portraits of London around Notting Hill as Verity and Georgia show us why they love to call this area their home….
Who are you and how did you two meet? – We both originally trained as actresses and met while we were in a play in south east London – we basically bonded over being greedy and loving Dolly Parton!
The unhampered girls

Verity wears the Light Lens Purple Vredefort

Why the Unhampered Girls?
When we first started and we were just making hampers it made more sense but basically it just means we take the stress out of presents, parties, press launches etc so our customers can feel totally unhampered and leave the baking to us. We had to add the girls because someone else pipped us to the post and Unhampered had already been taken by some sort of high tech, collapsible, washing basket…
The unhampered girls

Georgia wears the Red Marble Rollright, Verity wears the Granite ZERO

Why did you bring us here? 
Notting Hill is pretty much where it all started. I’ve (Verity) lived here since about the time I met Georgia so this has sort of always been the stomping ground of our friendship and where we dreamt up Unhampered Girls. And Notting hill carnival is absolutely hands down our favourite part of the year so it’s always going to be somewhere we love.
The unhampered girls
Where’s your favourite part in London for a sweet treat? 
Lilli Vanilli near Columbia road market is probably one of our favourites. We don’t actually eat as much sweet stuff as we used to because we are surrounded by candy and cakes  24/7 but her creations are a totally different vibe to ours and absolutely stunning so it’s always fun to visit her bakery even if you aren’t going to eat anything and just want to stare.  Georgia also has an insatiable craving for cake pops so the Pop Bakery in Kensal Rise is also another sweet treat hot spot. Their peppa pig cake pops are beyond cute and the best bribery for kids.
The unhampered girls
What’s your favourite style from the collection? Definitely anything from the ZERO’s. They are super cool and really original. Love the ultra reflective lenses especially the unintentional spy function that let’s you see everything that’s going on behind you too!
The unhampered girls

Verity wears the Crystal Saratoga II

If you fancy getting your hands on some of the Unhampered Girls super stylish treats, or even having them cater for you, head to their website where you can browse all of their wonderful creations (warning this may make you a little hungry!) www.theunhamperedgirls.com

The unhampered girls

Photography by Amelia Allen  www.ameliaallenphotography.com @ameliaallenphotography
Makeup by Stef Williams @stef3williams