Portraits of London

Zara Martin

Walking round a Kensington corner, the revving sound of a motor could be heard, and so we arrived to the mews that houses London Morgan. Our location for the day.


Glammed up and ready to go, we met self-proclaimed ‘petrol head’ Zara and took her for a spin to hear all about her Summer plans, and why driving in 6 inch platforms isn’t ideal.




Good morning Zara, would you introduce yourself please? And tell us what you do?

Hi, I’m Zara? lol and I’m a DJ etc.


So what are your top 5 tunes for the Summer?

Kaytranada ft Craig David –  Got It Good    absolute tune!

Drake, Rihanna – Too Good

Aluna George – I’m In Control

Desiigner – Panda

Whinnie Williams – Bad Girl


You must go to a lot of parties. Sunglasses indoors – yay or nay?

Mmmm mainly nay but some exceptions can be made which include hangovers, airports and avoiding eye contact with people when you are really tired and can’t be bothered, I am sure we all have days like this right?


We were surprised to hear you’re such a car enthusiast. When did this start?

I’ve DJ’d for a lot of car brands like Rolls Royce, Jaguar & Land Rover, and I’ve DJ’d at the Monaco and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. To be honest I just wanted to be behind the wheel. I did an amazing trip with Audi to the Ascari race track in Spain where I think I may have terrified a few people… Oh and I also did the Cash & Rocket Tour across Europe last year with Maserati which was so much fun! I would love to do the Gumball next!


How did it feel behind the wheel of the Morgan?

Such a beautiful car, I didn’t drive it to the best of its abilities which I’m going to blame on the fact I was wearing very high platform heels!


What’s your favourite part of London to drive through?

Hyde Park, specifically at sunset.


Dream car?

I’d like to pretend to be low key but it would probably be a Ferrari of some sort.


Which is your favourite pair from the ‘Explorer’ collection?

Love the Rollright styles. Also the Zero. They are all so good!


Do you have any exciting projects coming up this Summer?

DJing some cool parties. Glastonbury! A road trip through Italy. And planning my wedding! 


For photography enquiries, e-mail Harry at harry@harrysoames.com

Make-up – @Stef3Williams

Hair – Juancy at Ruuby

Big thanks to Belstaff and Millie Mackintosh Collection.