Portraits of London

Whinnie Williams

Camden Town

Zig-zagging their way through crowded streets and streams of tourists, the Taylor Morris team arrive at their location of choice for the latest edition of #PortraitsOfLondon; Camden Town.

An area best described as Britain's musical mecca, Camden Town perfectly illustrates London’s rich musical history and influence, making it the perfect location for singer/songwriter & partner in crime to Zara Martin; Whinnie Williams, who emulates the very essence of the area.

We start shooting, a crowd begins to form, but she remains unbothered. Whinnie's used to an audience.


Hello Whinnie, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I'm a singer song writer from London with a love for the 70s and pets!


When did you first realise you wanted to be a performer?

I was such a shy teenager so the thought of being on stage was terrifying but I loved to sing and write songs from a really early age so I just had to sort the shyness out first!


Which crowd would you most like to perform to?

As the sun comes down at a big summer festival would be the perfect crowd.


What was the inspiration behind your new song, ''Real damn bad'’? 

I got dumped and wanted to feel strong again so that song just kinda fell out of my mouth.


Judging from your Instagram feed, it seems like you’re really inspired by the 70s era, what makes that era so special to you?

I love the colours, the shapes, the hair and the music. It just feels very free and creative. I love collecting old things so my house is literally a 70s museum. You can follow it at @poodleandblonde.


Who are your style icons?

Barbarella, Brigitte Bardot & Linda Rodin.


Which is your favourite pair from our collection? 

The matte blue crystal RollRight with blue lens. 


What's next for you Whinnie?

Writing lots of new songs, making videos and gigging.


For photography enquiries, e-mail Harry at harry@harrysoames.com

Make-up - @Stef3Williams

Hair - @NaradKutowaroo

Thank you to Felder Felder for the amazing clothing.