Portraits of London # 11 - Steven Finn

Portraits of London # 11 - Steven Finn

The City

For our eleventh edition of Portraits of London, we met up with England cricketer and seasoned traveller Steven Finn. Spending most of his year abroad, we thought we’d give him a proper London view as we travelled up to the rooftop at Le Coq D’Argent in the City. Despite the usual greyness of London in the Winter, we were welcomed with a clear blue sky and found out more about what this fast bowler likes best.

Steven, so great to meet you at last. How have you been now you’re back in London?

 Great thanks, it's always good to come back to this great city. I miss it a lot whilst I'm away.


Where were you on your latest travels?

 I had a month in Bangladesh and two months in India. Both interesting places to spend time.


Did you get to explore much? What were your favourite parts?

 We are pretty confined to the hotels over there because we played in some quite remote places. But, when we were in Mumbai we were able to get out and visit local restaurants and landmarks. Me and my partner visited a slum, Dhravi, for an afternoon and got an insight as to how one works which was fascinating.

You must do a lot of travelling? What are the best places your job has taken you?

Yes, I'm fortunate to avoid most Winters and get to travel all around the world. My favourite countries have been New Zealand and South Africa. It's hard to choose between the two. The people are so accommodating whilst we are over there and want to show us the best of their countries. Which means we get pretty spoiled whilst we are there. I think the single best experience has been doing Rhino conservation work at Shamwari game reserve in South Africa. It makes you feel pretty insignificant compared to those endangered animals.


And now you’re back in London, where do you call home?

I live in West Hampstead, I've lived there for a few years now and love it.

Such a nice area, we did a shoot there last year. Why did you choose Hampstead?

I think it's proximity to my work (Lord' cricket ground) was a big factor. I also love the coffee shop vibe around there. On my days off you will find me in a coffee shop with a book or my iPad. It's also not as hectic as you'd think it would be for somewhere so close to central London.


When you get back, what’s the first thing you like to do?

 One of the first things I do is get my hair cut at Rock. Sounds strange, but whilst I've been away with work before I have had some shocking haircuts from random hairdressers. So, I now save it for the guys who always cut my hair close to home. Then I'll pop to the coffee shop next door at Wired Co. for a latte (skinny).


If you could live in any building in London which one would it be?

I think I'd live at number 100 Hamilton Terrace in St John's Wood. I lived opposite it for a year whilst I was sampling whether living in London was for me. It's worth about £37,000,000 last time I checked so it's horribly unrealistic. It's so big I think you'd get lost on your way to the basement swimming pool.


What inspired you to start playing cricket? You’ve been playing for a while no?

This is my 13th English Summer as a professional cricketer so I am starting to feel old and long in the tooth. My entire childhood was spent at cricket clubs watching my dad play and helping my mum do things around the clubhouse, so I suppose it's run in the family. It's never really crossed my mind that I wanted to do anything else. Other than be a center forward for Watford FC.

Any pre-match mantras?

Other than the usual taping rituals that protect my body from aches and pains I try and keep it as simple as possible. But, it varies. One day I might listen to music on the way to the ground whilst driving. On others, I might want to read so I'll get the tube there.

Which destination is next for you?

I'm off to Dubai play in the Pakistan Super League for Islamabad United. It's a short 3 weeks carnival style tournament which is well supported in the subcontinent so it could be a lot of fun. I also love Dubai, I find it a fascinating place with all the modern luxuries in the middle of a desert.



Finally, we have to ask, favourite pair of Taylor Morris Eyewear?

My first pair were a pair of the Havana RollRight so they hold a place in my heart. But currently I'm loving the dark blue tortoiseshell ZERO. I'll be wearing those a lot in Dubai.

Clothing – Harvey Nichols

Photography – Alex Carmichael

Videography – Jam Jar Propaganda 

Location – Le Coq D’ArgentD & D London 

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