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Black Amber Acetate / Peach Mirror

Inspired by legendary actress Vivien Leigh, the first British female to win an Oscar in 1939. When Hugo and Charlie stumbled across a photograph in an old book about her defining role in Gone with the Wind, they found Vivien wearing a spectacular pair of sunglasses which would not look out of place today even though it was almost 74 years ago. It goes to show that all great pairs of sunglasses are timeless. It’s not about changing trends but lasting style.

The softly modelled curves are accentuated by the intricate gold inlay surrounding the lens and then contrasted by a delicate keyhole nose bridge. The overall effect is an oversized frame which sits perfectly midway down the nose and evokes a resounding glamour worthy of any red carpet or front row.

  • Black, Amber and Pearl Pink tortoise shell acetate
  • Peach Mirror CR39 Lens
  • Gold metal detailing

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