Portraits of London #1 – Sarah Mikaela

The City

Sarah Mikaela Portraits of London Black Zero

Sarah wears the Black ZERO

As we’ve just celebrated 2 years since our launch, Taylor Morris is still a relatively new brand. However we have grown leaps and bounds since that first meeting between a team of three, and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the support of others.

With this in mind, we decided to start a new and exciting campaign in which each month we select entrepreneurs and individuals who inspire us, and who in turn, we want to support.

With Taylor Morris being a truly British brand, to us London is an endless source of inspiration. For Portraits of London we asked our friends to show us their favourite haunts from the capital, in the hope that it will inspire you too.

First up is Blogger, Stylist, Photographer and all round fashion power house Sarah Mikaela.

Sarah Mikaela Portraits of London Zero

Sapphire ZERO

What is your favourite part of London?

“Definitely East London, I really love the vibe there. There are a lot of creatives.”

Sarah Mikaela Portraits of London Black Zero

What is your favourite thing to do in London?

“Getting coffee in London is one of my favourite things. You have so many good independent coffee shops. My favourite would have to be the Timber Yard on Old Street.”

Tortoise Shell Zero Flatlay

Brown ZERO

Where is the best place for Breakfast?

“For Breakfast go to Forge & Co in Shoreditch, it’s a really fun space and if you just want to move around there are some fun shops afterwards.”

Sarah Mikaela Brown Zero Portraits of London Shoreditch

What is your favourite pair from the new collection?

The ZERO frames are my favourite pair from the new collection because they have a classic element to them yet you have this flat lens. It’s really fun the reflection is really nice on them.”

Sarah Mikaela Black Zero Portraits of London

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Photography by AL&K Photography