Taylor Morris Eyewear x Morgan Motor Company

In conversation with Hugo & Charlie

Morgan Motor Company was established in 1909

What initially attracted you to a collaboration with Morgan Motor?

H: Predominantly their long and illustrious heritage. They also have a rebellious nature to them where they are utterly happy with who they are and don’t care what the rest of the competition does. They are the Rolling Stones of the British automotive industry.

C: Visually, their designs are really amazing. The cars are quirky, they have charisma and a unique style which is entirely British. We thus found many comparisons to draw with Taylor Morris.

Hugo & Charlie visiting the Morgan Motor factory in Malvern

Tell us a little about the design process and your inspiration

H: The design process was a pleasure. It was all about communication and passion. Jon Wells is Head of Design at Morgan, and I would find myself emailing him over and over again about the smallest things. He would come back in turn with the most complete answers and reasons explaining why things looks a certain way. We had two equally as enthusiastic teams to make it work, which in a collaboration is essential.

C: The final product was our favourite design of about 9 that we made. It just stood out and evoked what we wanted. Its inspiration was the Morgan 3 Wheeler, picking up on key design features such as the tailpipe guard and the forward mounted engine. But then combining it with Taylor Morris aesthetic. There is certainly a bit of the RollRight in H.F.S. We tried to take the best of both brands and bring them together.

The 3 wheeler

Both you and Morgan are resolutely British brands. What do you love about British design?

H: British design is both highly innovative and respectful of the past at the same time. It’s about continual improvement but also consideration that heritage is more important than trend.

C: The respect for classic design and keeping heritage at its heart.



Combined schematic drawing of the Morgan Motor 3 wheeler and H.F.S. design

You have a pop up launching with Harvey Nichols this Christmas. Why did you choose there?

H: Harvey Nichols were our first every stockist. They are also synonymous with British luxury. There is no finer home than the PROJECT 109 space for our debut collaboration.

C: We were so fortunate to launch our brand with Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Now available with them globally, their continuous support meant there was only one place to showcase our first collaboration.

Acetates inspired by popular wood finishes

With heritage at the centre of Morgan Motors and 100 years of history behind them, where do you see Taylor Morris by 2116

H: Much like Morgan I would still like to be a family owned business and retaining the values and enthusiasm with which we founded Taylor Morris of honesty, loyalty and generosity. I would also like our own TM island hotel in the Caribbean.  

C: Wow, 100 years from now, I very much hope Taylor Morris is the UK’s most worn and respected luxury eyewear brand, and have seen it develop into other areas. Watch this space!

Campaign shoot featuring Lilia Weddell and McClaren racing driver Struan Moore

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