Taylor Morris X Jim Chapman

Taylor Morris X Jim Chapman

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Taylor Morris X Jim Chapman capsule collection. After years of friendship, we’ve come together to create 5 limited edition colourways of our best-selling Westbourne frame.
With Jim’s British charm and classic style, we couldn’t think of a better partner for this collaboration. This is reflected in his choice of acetate, metal and lenses, coming together to create the ideal unisex collection - an ethos at the core of our identity. Jim has worn Taylor Morris from fashion weeks, to the beaches of Costa Rica - where the idea for the collaboration was born. His personal love for quality and design inspired a product that fans of both Jim and ours can cherish forever. 
Interested to find out more? Keep reading to get an insight into how the idea for this collaboration was formed. 
What makes Jim Chapman & Taylor Morris the perfect match?
I’ve been ‘a friend of the brand’ (which is a PR way of saying that I like the sunglasses and I like the people who make them) for a long time now. I think TM were actually one of the first brands to gift me a pair of sunglasses and I remember wearing them to a fashion during LFW and feeling super cool.
Mostly, they’re just the sunglasses that I identify with most and that look best on my face!
What were your first pair of TM’s?
I’m pretty sure it was a pair of zeros with a purply transparent lens. I must have had them for about five or six years and they’re still, to this day, one of my most worn pairs.

Was the design process what you expected? And what was your favourite part?
It was actually quite stressful to begin with! I was in a room with Toby and Nicolas who do this for a living and are seasoned professionals when they literally just gave me a bunch of acetate colours, lenses options and hardware to chose from. In their raw forms, all of these things are pretty lifeless and every time I pointed one out, I was worried Toby or Nick would judge me. 
I’m happy to report that there was no judgement. They were actually super patient and and very impressed. Apparently I’m a natural, though I haven’t ruled out chance/coincidence/fate/kismet.

Which is your favourite colourway from our collaboration, and why?
That’s tough to answer. In my mind they all have their own vibe and are fit for different occasions. If I were pushed, I would say the pair with the pink lenses. They’re heavily inspired by the first pair TM ever gifted me but they are also literal rose tinted glasses and the world just looks like a better place with them on.
What drew you to the Westbourne out of all of the TM frames?
At their core, they’re a classic shape that will suit most people, but they’re also really good fun and have a lot more personality than other ‘classics’. Rather than just being round, they’re slightly more hexagon but the angles are soft so they’re not heavy and they just seemed to lend themselves to colour and expression.

Who’s your eyewear icon?
I’m very fickle! I don’t have a single icon, I just like what I like.

Where would be the dream location to take the frames this summer?
After 12 months we’ve had, I’d love nothing more than sitting in my mum’s back garden with a cold beer and all my family around me (or a trip to a beach in Mexico).
We are so happy to have worked with Jim on this collaboration and can't wait to hear what our customers think!  

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