Through The Lens: The Chelsea Collection

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiasts! It's time to spill the beans on our epic journey behind the lens, as we brought our sizzling Summer 2023 Chelsea Collection to life. Brace yourselves for a cheeky, fun-filled ride as we dive into the world of Taylor Morris and celebrate our 10th birthday with a bang.

First things first, picture this: the quaint streets of the Royal Borough of Chelsea, London, bathed in glorious summer sunshine. We decided that for our 10th-year milestone, we'd take it to the streets where it all began – the very heart of our inspiration. Chelsea was calling, and we answered with a resounding "Hell, yes!"

Now, let's talk frames. This collection was extra special because each frame was named after iconic Chelsea streets that hold a deeper meaning in our hearts. Take the "Motcomb" frame, for instance – named after the legendary Motcomb Street, where the very first Taylor Morris office saw the light of day. It's where the magic began, folks.

And here's a fun little tidbit: the Nags Head on Wilton Place. Oh, the memories! This place has been our muse for countless brainstorming sessions, and let's be honest, some of our wildest ideas were hatched there, especially after a couple of pints. Trust us, if you know, you know! 😉

Now, onto the real stars of the show – our fabulous models, Meg and Harry Sellers. These two aren't just models; they're friends of the brand, and boy, do they bring the party with them! Meg and Harry, shout out to you for keeping the good vibes rolling during the shoot.

Picture it: the Chelsea streets as our backdrop, frames in hand, and our dynamic duo owning every shot. It was a riot of laughter, style, and a dash of audacity. We wanted to capture the essence of summer – carefree, vibrant, and absolutely fabulous.

As we snapped away, it was all about having fun, and that's exactly what we did. We believe fashion should be an extension of your personality, and with the Chelsea Collection 2023, you've got a whole lot of personality in your pocket.

So, whether you're strolling down King's Road, sipping cocktails at Sloane Square, or heading to your favorite Chelsea pub, make sure to bring a little piece of Chelsea Collection 2023 with you. After all, life is too short for boring frames!

Until next time, fashionistas, keep it cheeky, keep it fabulous, and keep rocking those Taylor Morris frames. Cheers to a decade of style! 🥂✨

TM's Power Couple

Our two favourite love birds, Harry and Meg, rocking their Alex frames.

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Star of the Show

The Draycott quickly became the best seller of the Chelsea Collection. The oversized aviator is perfect for those days spent in your favourite beer garden.

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