Taylor Morris Eyewear is now delighted to offer complimentary monogramming on all purchases*. Using a traditional hot stamping machine, we emboss in gold 30 point 'Edinburgh' font up to three initials on the leather case that your frames come with. This also makes for a highly popular gift as well as for those who are determined to get their own mark to their valued personal belongings. Once you have selected your frame of choice, simply fill out the quick and easy steps to select the letters you need.

Traditionally used as a sign of identity over one's objectes, the monogram is usually formed of the combined initials of one's name. If your name is Elizabeth Maria Smith, this would appear as E.M.S

What started as a strictly practical way of identifying personal belongings, personalisation has evolved into a great branding tool for one's personal identity. John Hancock's script on the Declaration of Independence was so stylish, his famous personalisation has become synonymous with the word "signature". After eight years and numerous variations of monogram letters, Rembrandt landed on his now instantly recognizable last name mark. Louis Vuttion's son Georges was the monogram creator of the now-famous "LV" logo, developed as way to prevent counterfeiting of the Parisian company's designer luggage. And two interlocking "C's" helped transform the legendary Coco Chanel into an international symbol of elegance and wealth.

We hope you enjoy this small expression of our thanks for choosing Taylor Morris.

With love, as always,

Taylor Morris

*No returns, exchanges only. Embossing is done once a week, please allow up to seven working days additional time to your delivery date.