Costa Rica

Pura Vida Collection

During Summer 2019 Taylor Morris jetted off to Costa Rica with The Costa Rica Tourism Board.

We had an incredible time on our trip discovering the meaning of 'Pura Vida'. A phrase used in Costa Rica which translates as 'Pure Life' this is not just a saying but a lifestyle, during our trip we embodied 'Pura Vida' to the max. This led us to create a special collection in collaboration with The Costa Rican Tourism Board called 'Pura Vida'. These two frames are classic summer styles which will accompany you on your own adventures whether in London or further afield.

To learn more about our trip and to win a holiday to Costa Rica, you can visit and you can follow the Costa Rica Tourism Board @Visit_CostaRicaUK

Las Pumas Rescue Centre

During our trip we paid a visit to the Las Pumas Rescue Centre in Guanacaste. Opened in the 1960's by conversationalists to provide a safe haven for wildlife whose habitat had been destroyed, the sanctuary today has become a leading example of wildlife conservation in Central America.

While we were visiting we were introduced to Curubunda (left). Curubunda is a Puma who was rescued and brought to Las Pumas where she was found to be blind from malnutrition. We were amazed how the sanctuary manage to look after Curubunda when the odds are so against her. There are numerous other animals in the centre who have faced challenges like Curubunda, including howler Monkeys whom can't have human contact due to the violence they have faced.

Costa Rica and its people have really embraced a sustainable approach to life, from plastic collection points along all the beaches to the acres of nature reserves we were able to explore,

We were so enamored by the work that they are doing that we will be donating 10% of sales from the 'Pura Vida' collection to the Las Pumas Rescue Centre to help fund their incredible work. An exhibition of prints from our time in Costa Rica will be on sale at The Golborne Space, 72 Golborne Road, London, W10 5PS. 10% of sales will be donated to Las Pumas

You can read more about our trip here

Pura Vida Collection

Inspired by our trip to Costa Rica, 'Pura Vida' translates to 'Pure Life' something that the people of Costa Rica truly embody. Throughout our trip we experienced what an incredible effort Costa Rican's go to to preserve their beautiful natural habitat and the creatures within it. We created two frames which we feel are perfect for a trip to Costa Rica. The 'Pura' and The 'Vida' are two classically inspired wire frames in 5 colours which will suit any adventure.

The Pura

The Vida