Frame Guide
Discovering your perfect frame online can be a little challenging. As you are unable to try on instantaneously, you must trust your instincts in your selection. However there a few golden rules to follow. We both love helping people find their perfect frame so should you want our advice we are free on the live chat link, free by phone or you can click here and use our Face Shape Frame Shape Guide.
For now though please read the below as this important information will help you in your pursuit of that new favourite pair of sunglasses!
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Hugo and Charlie,
Do sunglasses have a size and what is mine?
Before we started Taylor Morris we genuinely had no idea what the many numbers written inside our sunglasses meant. It was baffling! Turns out though they are actually very helpful. Once you have your own measurements or preferred sizing memorised, it will make shopping for sunglasses much easier. It’s a bit like knowing which cut and size of jeans suits you best.
The numbers printed on the inside left temple of your Taylor Morris frames will refer to the lens width, the bridge width and the length of the temple. For example 53 -19– 145 means that the width of 53mm, a bridge width of 19mm and the temple (arm) length is 145mm
frame size guide design front
frame design style guide temple measurements
How do I know whether or not it’s the correct frame for me?
Of course no one can every say that a pair of sunglasses is or is not for you. We often tell our customers that their first impression of the frames they want are usually the right one. The mind knows what it likes. At Taylor Morris we have a variety of frames to suit all personalities, looks, attitudes and ultimately it’s how the frame makes you feel which is the most important.
Having said this, there are a few golden rules you can follow which will help in selecting a winner!
  1. What is life without comfort? Your frame should not be too tight or hurt in anyway. Pain if fashion indeed, but we are a lifestyle brand. Our unique tips and fine Italian handmade acetate should help!
  2. Your frames should not easily slide off your face \ down your nose. This means they are too big
  3. Laughter is a huge part of life. Your sunglasses should not move when you smile or sit upon your cheeks so that they are resting on them.
Fitting and adjusting your frame
All Taylor Morris acetate frames are made out of cellulose acetate and can therefore be bent or curved to improve the fit on the face.
Our advice here is to consult an optician before doing so. Pop into any reputable optician and they will be able to quickly and effectively adjust your frame.
Our frames come with a standard fit which suits 95% of faces.
What are the features of my Taylor Morris
We are immensely passionate about every little detail in our sunglasses. Each frame has its own features which can be found on each products individual page. But please find below a guide to our frames
sunglasses features guide