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How do I purchase a Taylor Morris frame with prescription lens?

We are now happy to be able to offer prescription lens on a number of our frames, when you are on the product page, please select from the menu which service you wish to add.

Please ensure you know your prescription and it is up to date. Once you have purchased the frame we will be in touch via email from to get your prescription and details from you.

What is the cost of a Taylor Morris Prescription?

See below pricing for Taylor Morris Prescription Services.

Single Vision Simple (Up to 1.5 / -1.5): Free

Single Vision Solid: £35

Single Vision Gradient: £35

Mirrored Prescription Lens: £55

Hi Index (Thin Lens): +£40

Add polarization to your prescription: +£35

AR Coating (Recommended if you wear your frame for more than half the day): +£20

What colour lens are available?

Please note that any prescription lens are colour matched as close as possible to the original lens colour. Some services such as polarization can effect the final lens colour.

We stock a range of Solid, Gradient and Mirror lens see below:


Green G15



Grey Gradient

Green G15 Gradient

Brown Gradient

Blue Gradient

Silver Mirror (Extra Cost)

Rose Mirror (Extra Cost)

Blue Mirror (Extra Cost)

*Bespoke colours are available upon request. P.O.R.

*Please note we are unable to offer the engraved TM logo on any prescription or polarized lens*

How Long will my prescription order take?

Once you have received confirmation from us it is 7 – 10 working days for delivery. This is due to the social distancing measures in place at our lab.

Which frames can I add a prescription to?

Nearly all of our frames are available with the services listed above. Please check the product page for details. *Prescription lens are not available on our outlet frames.*

What if I want a colour that’s not listed?

We have a huge catalogue of colours available for our prescription lens. If you wish to order a specific colour please email us at This service starts from £75 for single vision.

My prescription doesn’t look right, what should I do?

With your new glasses / prescription your eyes may take time to adjust to the new lens. This can take up 1 – 2 weeks. If you are still experiencing issues after this period, then please get in touch with us at

What is my pupillary distance (PD)?

Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centre of both pupils in millimetres. Our lab requires your PD in order to fit your lens accurately. Your PD measurement doesn’t form part of a standard eye examination. It's the responsibility of the dispensing practitioner to measure this for you as part of dispensing glasses. If you cannot find your PD you can call your optician who carried out your previous eye examination. If you are still unable to obtain your PD then please follow the instructions below.

Can I take a PD measurement myself?

If you are unable to obtain your Pupillary Distance from your previous optician and you're unable to visit us in store, then you can follow these instructions to measure your PD yourself at home (this is much easier with help from someone):

1.) Find a ruler

2.) Hold the ruler on your eyebrows, close your right eye and line up the 0mm with the centre of your left pupil (ensure you are looking straight ahead).

3.) Close your left eye and open your right, your pupilary distance will be the figure that lines up with the centre of your pupil on your left eye.

4.) We would recommend doing this more than once as to improve the accuracy of your measurement. The average PD for an adult is between 54mm - 74mm.

Why can’t I choose prescription on any Zero frames?

Our Zero frame has base 0 lens, meaning they are completely flat. This removes any ability to add a prescription to this frame without completely removing the outer lens rim.

Can I return my order if it included a prescription?

If you change your mind about the prescription sunglasses, although we cannot offer a refund, we can arrange an exchange for a different colour frame in the same style that you have ordered. An exchange is available within 30 days of purchase. The frames must be in their original condition. To arrange an exchange please email

If your question is not answered above please email us at